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The red-head got up from the bed, standing to his feet before dragging his body to the door. The pace was slow and intoxicating for Ichigo, he lay there, panting enjoying every minute of it. Isshin let out a sigh as he looked at his son "You really should learn how to hold your sake, it might become a disadvantage one day" he mumbled as he walked to Ichigo's room, and placed him, on his bed with his clothes on, he didn't want to wake Ichigo up before he was sober again. Slowly, he made his way over to the closet in his room, all the way down the hall, leaving a trail of wet footprints as he went by. All the foreplay and sake made him close to climax already, and when Isshin started move his hand over his cock he went over the edge. When Isshin removed his fingers Ichigo got mad, until Isshin pushed himself in with little to no resistance.

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